swim with confidence

Teaching everyone from 1 year old and upward how to swim with confidence and sharing the joy of swimming with the world

Swim Confidently

Learn how to swim confidently and discover a love for the water as our qualified instructors teach you everything you need to know!

Make New Friends Along Your Journey

Meet other children and adults just like you who are also on their learn-to-swim journeys

Build Physical Fitness

Improve your fitness levels, reduce stress and boost your happy hormones by enjoying fun, and engaging swimming lessons

Can you or your child swim confidently?

Or are you anxious every time you or your child spends time at the beach or around the swimming pool?

Do you or your child:

  • Feel anxious and apprehensive about swimming?
  • Wish that you could enjoy all the joy that swimming has to offer?
  • Want to improve your health, happiness, and physical fitness?
  • Want to meet and socialize with new people while enjoying a fun, physical activity?

Hello, I'm Christelle

And as you can tell by my picture, I have an incredible love for swimming – and an even greater passion for sharing this joy and love for the water with others.

I come from a swim-crazy family and have spent the last 13 years teaching both young children and adults how to swim with confidence. I was a competitive swimmer up until the age of 14 and taught swimming in China right up until the year before the Beijing Olympics. Nothing lights me up more than seeing how swimming changes people’s lives. 

Not only does swimming create incredible changes in your health and happiness, but here at Tadpole Swimming Academy, we believe in creating a family culture that’s full of love and laughter as we journey together in our learn-to-swim adventures. We know every child by name and we notice when they get a haircut or a new pair of swimmers!

So if you or your child is ready to embark on a swimming adventure like no other, all you need to do is click below to book your free trial lesson. No obligation. Full of potential.

See What Our Tadpoles Have to Say:

Click on the video below to hear from our incredible students:

Get Started on Your Learn-to-Swim Adventure

Where fitness, friends and a love for the water meet!

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You or your child will be able to have the Tadpole experience free of charge by enjoying a complimentary session so that you can decide if we're a good fit for you!

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Let the Adventure Begin

We’ll welcome you to the Tadpole family where you'll enjoy regular, intimate learn-to-swim sessions with us and our incredible team.

Do you or your child want to experience:

The joy of being able to confidently step into the water without fear?

Increased physical fitness, reduced stress, and more vitality?

A fun and social environment that keeps you engaged every step of the way?

A delightful heated swimming pool that allows you to enjoy swimming all throughout the year?

Every Swimmer Counts

We proudly focus on having a great boutique learning facility with a maximum of only two classes at once, as well as a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every class, know every child’s name and even notice when they get a haircut or a new pair of swimmers.

This is the way learn to swim should be — small, intimate and private so that every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

We  are actively building a culture of fun and excitement about learning to swim, to show that teaching your children to swim is not only a safety measure but a lifestyle choice. Your lifestyle is better with children who swim and have fun with you in the pool.

Ready to Join The Tadpole Family?

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